The Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil:
A Monumental Mosaic Vision

There is a very real battle between good and evil happening right now in our world and culture.

Massimo Mellini, a second-generation mosaic artist in Florence, Italy (the same arthouse responsible for the current restoration of the stained glass  in the Duomo in Florence) has created a unique composition depicting the heavenly battle that began with the Incarnation of Christ. 

A monumental artistic work that  hopes to embolden all who meditate upon it: to remain strong in this raging battle devasting today’s culture. Thus, it is especially important at this point in history, that we are all called to join via prayer and resisting temptation of the evil one.  In its final form, the art piece will undoubtedly move the viewer to contemplate the reality of the age-old battle between good and evil. And speak to one’s heart, to move him to action to join the battle

impressive in size, to say the least: 40 feet wide by 20 feet tall. To be sure, it is a monumental vision, it will be fabricated in the form of the timeless art of venetian mosaics. The medium of mosaics are historically the most permanent and eternal expression of our faith, as witnessed in the Vatican. It will contain millions of individually hand cut tessere and require two and a half years to assemble.

The video below provides a detailed look into the major themes of the work, and an overview of the artistry involved in the master sketch and the mosaic artwork yet to be completed.

The opera

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As of this date, this project is a merely a vision, an idea, a proposal. The project is ready to begin, however it needs a home. Where can this awe-inspiring work of art be located, to be available to as many souls as possible? A private installation in a home is not the vision of Massimo. The “Battle” needs to be placed in a basilica or cathedral, a pilgrimage shrine, a museum, a park, etc. Where do you suggest?

To suggest a location, inquire about investing in the project, or for more information, please contact the sole agents for the project:
The Drexel Group, LLC (

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